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Bioservice, is a entirely Quebec company that was founded in 1996. We manufacture and develop local products.

The heart of our job is dealing with odours.
We carry a line of odour neutralizers for the municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors. We also regenerate bodies of water for urban lakes and golf course ponds. We also invented and created the Odo Trap. It's a multifunction trap for municipal combined systems. We also carry a line of retail products for neutralizing odours. They can be used for sports equipment, for hockey gloves, which we know can smell bad, or for kitty litters, or septic toilets in recreational vehicles or even septic tanks. You can even get rid of odour damage caused by skunks. We listen to our customers and we develop specific solutions for their situations. We even have products that carry the name of our customers because they were made exclusively for them.

No matter what your situation is, don't hesitate to call me. We'll find a solution for you.


Bioservice - Treating odours

At Bioservice, we neutralize odours. We don't cover them up.

We use natural products such as essential oils and microbiology products to develop our solutions. We base ourselves on the work of a Flemish scientist, Mr. Zwaardemaker, who said that for every bad odour, you can find a specific odour to neutralize it. During the chemical era, there has been a tendency to forget the work done by scientists. But today, with all of the emphasis being put on the environment, we have to come up with more ecological solutions. At Bioservice, we use his techniques to develop natural products to solve your odour problems. If the environment is important to you, give me a call. We'll find an ecological solution to your odour problems.


Bioservice - The regeneration of lakes and bodies of water

Bioservice provides natural solutions for managing bodies of water. Whether it's urban lakes, golf course ponds or canals, we can

provide you with an ecological solution. We provide three methods:

a biological method to battle the aquatic plants that feed off the many fertilizers that go down into the body of water;
there's a mechanical method known as the SAM, submersible aerator-mixer, which oxygenates the water and destabilizes the aquatic plants;
and we also have a physical method that gathers up all of the waste that might be floating on the water.

Really, each body of water is different. That's why we provide you with a turnkey package adapted to your situation. Call me to discuss it.


Bioservice - OdoTrap, the multifunction street trap

The OdoTrap is a multifunction street trap for municipal combined systems. It's a patented Quebec invention, created by the Bioservice team.

The OdoTrap has three functions: :
● it intercepts bad odours that come from the system, it prevents
● urban waste from getting into the sewer network and it also manages
● the large water surges from the rainstorms of the century that we now get five times every summer.

As a result, you get two benefits:
● Odo Trap controls the West Nile virus by preventing mosquitoes from laying their eggs at the bottom of the system;
● and for public hygiene, Odo Trap prevents germs from coming out of the sewer.

Another interesting point: OdoTrap is adaptable and can be installed in three minutes.

Call me for a demonstration.



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